About the WSR Mechanism

Welcome to the Women's Situation Room Uganda

The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) is a women-led early warning and rapid response mechanism to curb violence before, during and after elections in African countries. The WSR provides a non-political platform for women and youth to mitigate election-related conflict, de-escalate tensions, facilitate real-time response to violent incidents, and ensure peaceful elections. The Women’s Situation Room initiative was established in Liberia (2011) by the Angie Brooks International Centre (ABIC) and has since been replicated in Guinea-Bissau (2014), Kenya (2013), Mali (2013), Nigeria (2015), Senegal (2012), Sierra Leone (2012) and recently in Uganda (2016). The African Union in 2012 and, the UN Security Council in 2016 recognised the WSR as a best practice to be replicated across Africa for preventing the eruption of violence through constructive dialogue with stakeholders in and peace advocacy. Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was designated the WSR Champion.

Vision, Mission and Values

Peace is in our hands

Peace before, during and after elections in Uganda

To advance women’s critical role in conflict prevention and peace building in line with the landmark United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security.

Transparency, Integrity and Fairness

How WSR Uganda Works

The women and youth-led WSR collaborates with security organs, the Electoral Commission, political parties, the media, Uganda Human Rights Commission, religious and civil society organisations to rally Ugandans around peace, to track election violence incidents and ensure immediate responses.

Women and Youth Peace Advocates promote peace and de-escalate tensions among their peers and within their communities. Women and Youth Election Peace Monitors observe elections and report threats or violence in real-time using the WSR toll-free line or the WSR election-violence reporting app. Eminent Women receive, analyse and forward election-violence reports to the relevant authorities for immediate action.